Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Mary is the Mother of all Christians and since the vast majority of Sri Lankan Christians are poor, she is truly the Mother of the poor. By venerating her and learning from her, the poor can benefit the most and nourish their souls perpetually. She was a quiet missionary and true revolutionary.

All significant events in human history begin quietly and unassumingly. This truth is universal at all times and in all places. She was the voice of the poor, spoke on behalf of the poor and served the poor by totally being obedient to the God of the poor. The mother of the Redeemer of the whole human race is a poor woman from Nazareth. The poor people all around the world must make her a family member and she is also very much willing to become a family member and then no family will ever experience any loneliness, or meaninglessness.

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prof. A.M

Professor Anton Meemana

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